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About Us

Who knew that after more than five decades of degenerative disease, my husband and I would be alive and well and writing these words from our hearts to yours?

My awesome husband was held captive by Crohn’s disease for 51 years and told there was no hope for him to live free of illness. Sound familiar?

Leading authorities shook their heads as they delivered the verdict, “There is nothing else we can do for you. Whatever is left of your life will be spent in bed as disease continues to eat holes in your body from the inside out.”

Not exactly what we were longing to hear.


Then, one day, with nothing left to lose, we were introduced to and decided to follow a different wellness model. We looked at Crohn’s from a radically different perspective. Instead of focusing on reducing inflammation and killing off bacteria associated with Crohn’swe opted to focus on supporting the body, so it could heal itself.

What happened when we approached Crohn’s with a fresh point of view on resolving the problem? Well, we found … wellness.

After more than five decades of living with Crohn’s, within three months Luke, my husband, was living Crohn’s-free, and really living a full life no longer in bondage to disease.

You know I can’t promise that you’ll have the same kind of results, right? Right!

But what might life look like if you could get it back like Luke and others, have done?

Luke took up archery.

He decided to compete. Yes, there are first place trophies in there!

He is enjoying the great outdoors, SITTING in trees for hours fooling many an unsuspecting squirrel into thinking he is part of the tree. If you have Crohn’s you know being able to sit for long periods of time without pain and without trips to the throne room is nothing short of a miracle!

And I’m the wife that helped him get from there to here… as I earned my certification in Biochemical Nutritional Balancing Science through Westbrook University.

Living through what we’ve lived through – the financially destructive, life stealing, hopelessness associated with disease. Then, experiencing a breakthrough to hope, joyful living, and good health, I am compelled to reach as many people as possible with a message of hope for a long healthy life. Toward that mission I’ve studied, passed my exams and now serve as a Nutritional Coach.

The health pursuits of my amazing clients around the world are varied:

  • Some want to attain elite health.
  • Some want to resolve pesky symptoms.
  • Some, like my husband Luke and I are determined to conquer chronic illness.

So, no need to feel left out if you don’t have digestive health concerns, such as Crohn’s disease. But if you do, know this:

I work with people, who believe Crohn’s is a life sentence.

I show them way out.


So, they are able to:

  1. Get out of bed in the morning
  2. Look forward to each day
  3. To living a long healthy life

Wow! I am incredibly grateful that you are here.

Come join all of us on the adventure of a lifetime … an adventure that starts with the foods we eat.

Click below to find out how!