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STOP Crohn’s Symptoms!

What If You Really Could?

Finally, A CUSTOMIZED PLAN For People Who’ve Been Told Crohn’s Disease Is A Life Sentence!

Hi! I’m Leslie Brown, an online Nutritional Balancing Coach living with my healthy, happy husband in the midwestern United States.

But it wasn’t always this way… my husband struggled with Crohn’s disease for over 50-years and invested his life in remission-promising: pills, infusions, and surgeries.

Only to hear, “He’s the worst case we’ve ever seen. Expect more of the same or worse.”

Then, one day…

We were introduced to The Nutritional Balancing Method, based on Dr. Paul Eck’s research into how balancing minerals can help your body’s natural ability heal itself.

Who knew that was even possible?

This Method took my husband out of his 50-year struggle with Crohn’s and into a life of vibrant health in… just 3 months.

I couldn’t keep this to myself when there are almost a million others whose lives are being stolen by Crohn’s Disease.

So, spring of 2015 I took the exams and began to serve those who’ve been told Crohn’s Disease is a life sentence… and show them a way out!

If you’d like to tap into this and understand how you might be able to stop your body from “attacking itself” and to start “healing itself”— click the BUY NOW link below, get started right here, right now… and I’ll see you on the other side!


Identify Your Mineral Deficiencies & Toxicities

Hair tissue analysis reveals these. We mail a Kit to you. You mail your sample to the lab.

Support Your Body’s Ability Remove Toxins

With mathematically precise supplementation & methods to support natural detoxification.

Restore Mineral Balance For
Sustainable Energy Production

With a plan to improve the ability of your adrenals & thyroid to produce energy for healing.

No More Flareups, Fistulas, or Dehydration!

After 50 years with Crohn’s, 14 surgeries, 7 perianal fistulas, I changed to this Nutritional Balancing Method wellness model. The results? My Flare ups and dehydration are gone. I can sit down without worrying about pain or having to run to the bathroom. I don’t even think about Crohn’s unless it is to tell others what helped me. My wife says I’m an energizer bunny.

Luke Brown, Lee’s Summit, MO

Bathroom Trips & Inflammation Almost Gone!

At 37 years old, I diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. It affected work, my social life, even vacations. I was constantly running to the bathroom. I’d been on the Nutritional Balancing Method for about a year, when I had a colonoscopy. My doctors couldn’t believe the inflammation was almost gone! Now, I’m fully functional… unless I cheat, go to old foods and the flareups come again.

A.S., Santan Valley, Arizona

What’s at Stake


FOR YOU: Talking to People Who Don’t Have a Clue:  They think you are lazy when you call into work when you are just trying to take care of yourself and be as strong as you can.

  • Embarrassing Unexpected Explosions:  And not being able to get more than ten feet from a bathroom.
  • Trying to Figure Out What the Heck to Eat:  When the same thing is fine five times and suddenly killing you with pain and diarrhea on the sixth time… Ugh!!!
  • Problems with Medication:  Having to take nasty medications that potentially could cause worse problems other than Crohn’s.


  • Letting Them Down:  Hating not being healthy enough to care for them the way you want to.
  • Uncertainty:  Not knowing when you’re going to have a mental break down after a week of bad symptoms with no relief.
  • Not Understanding:  One day you’re fine, the next day in bed. You’re told there’s no cure. When you’re forever sick, people treat you like somehow, it’s your fault.


  • Losing Friendships:  Because, no one wants to hear you complain.
  • Losing Family:  Families and marriages can break up because no one wants to see you not looking well.
  • Losing You:  Even though you try to under play or hide how you truly feel, friends, family, even someone you’d like to date go on to live life… without you.

“Everything That Goes In Your Mouth Either Feeds Wellness Or Feeds Illness. There Is No In Between.”

But What If you could…

  • Have Energy and the will to live each day to the fullest, give life to your ideas and dreams, make them a reality…
  • Enjoy Food without having to worry about embarrassing flareups…
  • Reduce, Even Eliminate Nasty Medications with your doctor’s recommendation and encouragement
  • Enjoy Family and Friends… without Crohn’s being in the picture.

What If you could… get your life back?!

I can’t promise you’ll be completely free of Crohn’s if you follow this plan. But, your chances may be much, much higher with The Nutritional Balancing Method than without it.


Click The BUY NOW Button To Get Started

You get…

  • A Hair Tissue Analysis Kit: test you can do without a doctor will arrive by mail
  • A Bar Chart of Lab Results: reveals your levels of mineral deficiency and toxicity
  • An At-A-Glance Chart: shows how close you are to (or how far from) mineral balance
  • A Custom Action Plan: best foods and mathematically precise supplements for you
  • Safe Ways to Detox Toxic Metals: that are interfering with your body’s ability to heal
  • One-On-One Coaching Call: for answers to your pressing questions

… and much, MUCH MORE!!!


Should I stop taking my current medications?

Our goal is to reduce your need for medication. But, stopping too soon or too rapidly is not safe. Continue prescribed medication. Altering your medication in any way is up to you and your prescribing medical doctor. We offer nutritional advice only.

What if I’m allergic to the foods on the Grocery List?

If you have known allergies to certain foods, don’t eat them. Allergies indicate a weak immune system. As your immune system strengthens many allergies (and other health issues) often disappear.

Will there be a time when I can eat whatever I want to eat?

Keep in mind the foods you eat either provide your body with nutrition or they don’t. Said another way, foods either feed wellness or they feed your health issues. There is no other option.

If you want to eat the same foods you used to eat you can, but remember what you were eating  created the environment for your health issues and can recreate those same or other health problems again. If you want to feel good and improve your health then consider adopting the NB Life and eating foods that feed health and wellness. The choice is yours.

Do I need to take mineral supplements for NB to work?

Our experience and research says, “Yes.” Here’s why: Soil continues to be depleted of nutrient minerals, water and air continue to be filled with new toxic chemicals. Because these unhealthy environmental conditions continue to grow exponentially, the body needs more help than ever before to combat these stressors and to sustain wellness.

How long does it take for me to feel better?

Some people, like my husband, feel well within just a few months. Others, like me, take longer to feel well.

The body starts to regenerate the moment you start adding minerals to your diet. Your body will continue to strengthen and improve health for as long as you follow the program.

How much do the supplements cost?

Monthly supplements can range from $150 to $250. Families of four report reducing monthly food expenses by an average of $500 when they switch to eating for Nutritional Balance. In this way The NB Method is said to pay for itself.

Can I substitute other supplements?

Please do not take any supplements or herbs other than those recommended that are based on recipes carefully formulated by Dr. Eck. Extra supplements can negate the benefits of the program. Occasionally a client will try other supplements, then return to the supplements we recommend, saying, “There is noticeable difference between other supplements and the ones you recommend. Those others don’t give the same results.”

Can I Pay by Phone?

To Pay with Credit Card By Phone: Call 816-885-0098.

When you call us at (816) 885-0098, please leave a message with:

  • Your name,
  • Phone number
  • Time zone and
  • A convenient time to call you back.
  • I’m calling to order an Initial HTMA test for $497

We’ll return your call as soon as possible.”

We ask you to leave a message, because we accept phone orders from countries in several different time zones around the world — at all hours of the day. This way, when you call us, you’ll never be forced to wait on hold.

We will call you back to take your information over the phone. If we can’t reach you with a phone call right away or later that day (or if we’ve received your phone call outside our normal business hours), we’ll try to reach you by phone within the next business day.

When we call you back, we’ll ask you to provide us with your credit card billing information and email address.
Unless you direct us otherwise, your HTMA Kit will be mailed to your credit card billing address the next business day.
Your order will be processed instantly, while you’re right there on the phone with us.

Once your order goes through successfully, we will provide you with an order confirmation number over the phone. You’ll also receive an email receipt for your purchase. And your HTMA Kit will be put into the mail on the following business day.
And that’s it! We try to make ordering as easy and friendly as possible.

To get started with your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis today by phone, please call us at (816) 885-0098.

Thanks again!

Can I Pay by Check?

We’re happy to accept either personal check or money order

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are not able to accept check or money orders from outside of the United States. Please, make payments in US$ funds only.

Here’s how to order your Initial HTMA by mailing a check or money order:

Make your check or money order payable to “Conquer Chronic Illness” for $497.

On the memo line of your check, please write “HTMA”.

Mail your check or money order to:

Leslie Brown, NC
511 NW Ashurst Court
Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

[IMPORTANT] Send us an email at to let us know your payment is on the way. This provides us a way to contact you if we need to be in touch about your order.

And that’s it! After we receive your check or money order, we’ll notify you by email to let you know your check or money order has been received. And your HTMA Kit will be put into the mail on the following business day.

Thanks again!

Taking care of your body is more than just the food you eat or the amount of exercise you do. When your body’s minerals are out of balance:

! You become a feeding site for undesirable infections, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

! Your body’s ability to naturally detoxify is compromised making it easier for unwanted toxic metals to accumulate.

! Your body’s response mechanisms become tired and drained as you fight off infections and toxins.